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Click here for our Custom Order Menu! Cakes, cookies, and more!

To place a custom order, please fill out the order form below.
We also offer special event catering, as well as breakfast, pastry, boxed lunch, and dessert catering!
Contact us at hello@savagegoods.com for more information!


Breakfast Burritos

breakfast available until 3pm  |  served with housemade salsa  |  make it a burrito bowl +.50

Bacon & Eggs Burrito*  |  4.75

scrambled eggs, thick cut bacon, cheddar

Green Chile Burrito*  |  4.75

scrambled eggs, cheddar, green chile, potatoes

Savage Scramble  |  5.50

tofu scramble, potatoes, vegan cheese

Build Your Own Burrito

start with eggs* 3.75, tofu scramble 4.75, or black beans $3.25, then add:
thick cut bacon* 1.50  |  soyrizo .75  |  cheddar* .75  |  vegan cheese 1  |  potatoes .75  |  green chile .25  |  grilled onions .25  |  black beans .75  |  fajita veggies 1


sourdough  |  seeded wheat  |  gluten free multigrain +1

Nostalgic  |  4

almond butter, raspberry jam

Savory  |  5

cream cheese, pesto, tomato

Fancy*  |  6.25

garlic herb cheese, soft boiled egg, arugula, watermelon radish


crunchy maple granola with oats, seeds, local pecans, and a hint of brown sugar
served with fresh fruit and choice of milk
whole* 5.25  |  almond 5.75  |  soy 5.75

The Breakfast Sandwich*

two over easy eggs, green chile poblano aioli, thick cut bacon, cheddar, arugula, tomato on sourdough  |  8

Check out the pastry case for our daily selection of fresh, homemade donuts and sweet treats!


Rustic Salad  |  9

mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage + your choice of dressing, cheese, and protein
Dressing: basil caesar  |  creamy lemon avocado  |  citrus thyme vinaigrette  |  poppyseed
Cheese: cheddar*  |  provolone* 1  |  vegan parmesan
Protein: thick cut bacon* 4  |  roasted chicken* 4  |  seasoned tempeh 3  |  marinated tofu 3

Blueberry Pecan Salad  |  11

mixed greens, blueberries, cucumber, candied local pecans, pickled red onions, citrus thyme vinaigrette

Cucumber Watermelon Salad*  |  9

cucumber, watermelon, avocado, feta, poppyseed dressing

Seasonal Soup  |  Cup 4  |  Bowl 6

seasonal soup served with house bread

Pick-A-Pair Lunch Combo  |  9.50

pick your two favorites: cup of seasonal soup, half sandwich, or side salad


served on sourdough  |  seeded wheat  |  gluten free multigrain +2
served with homemade potato chips  |  cucumber chips  |  side salad +2  |  soup +3  |  fruit +3

Roasted Chicken*^ |  10

roasted chicken, sun dried tomato pesto, chipotle aioli, aged provolone, arugula
^make it vegan with seasoned tempeh and pickled onions

BLRT*  |  9

thick cut bacon, roasted tomato, garlic aioli, mixed greens

Green Chile Chicken*  |  9.50

roasted chicken, green chile, cheddar, chipotle aioli

The Tasty Basic*  |  10

roasted chicken, thick cut bacon, mayo, tomato, mixed greens

Marinated Tofu  |  9.50

marinated tofu, garlic aioli, pickled onions, tomato, mixed greens

Vegan Gyro^  |  12

local seitan, dairy-free tzatziki, hummus, tomato, onion, mixed greens
^not available as pick-a-pair

Veggie Dream  |  8.25

hummus, cucumber, tomato, onion, mixed greens, sprouts

Almond Butter & Jam  |  6.50

almond butter, raspberry jam


Sweet & Spicy Nuts  |  5.50

local pecans, pepitas, and cashews in a sweet, spicy, smoky blend

Dip Flight

hummus, pesto, and creamy lemon avocado  |  served with house bread, sliced cucumbers, or half and half
small (serves 1-2) 8.50  |  large (serves 3-4) 16

Tostada Trio  |  8

guacamole, salsa verde, savage goods house salsa, tostadas



Nachos  |  8

housemade tostadas topped with green chile queso, tomatoes, purple cabbage, green onion
Add: chicken* 2  |  bacon* 1  |  seasoned tempeh 2  |  mushrooms 1  |  sliced avocado 2

Build Your Own Quesadilla  |  7

asadero* or vegan mozzarella
Add: chicken* 2  |  bacon* .50  |  seasoned tempeh 2  |  mushrooms .50  |  sliced avocado 2  |  fajita veggies .50  |  green chile .50

Tostada Trio  |  8

guacamole, salsa verde, savage goods house salsa, tostadas

Dip Flight

hummus, pesto, and creamy lemon avocado  |  served with house bread, sliced cucumbers, or half and half
small (serves 1-2) 8.50  |  large (serves 3-4) 16

Sweet & Spicy Nuts  |  5.50

local pecans, pepitas, and cashews in a sweet, spicy, smoky blend


Cauliflower Tacos |  4 for $10

beer-battered cauliflower, purple cabbage and carrot slaw, chipotle aioli  |  served on corn tortillas

Pork Tacos*  |  4 for $10

pan-seared pork, green chile aioli, apple-ancho pico de gallo, salsa verde  |  served on corn tortillas

Macaroni & Cheese  |  9

green chile macaroni & choose, topped with toasted sourdough breadcrumbs
choose between asadero* or vegan mozzarella

Backyard Burger^*  |  12

lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, pretzel bun + french fries
^make it vegan with a beyond burger

Southwest Burger*  |  14

bacon, green chile, asadero, avocado, chipotle aioli, pretzel bun + french fries

Mushroom Au Jus Burger*  |  14

asadero, mushrooms, short rib au jus, pretzel bun + french fries

Green Chile Mushroom Enchilada  |  11

stacked green chile and mushroom enchilada, cilantro rice, black beans

Short Rib*  |  17

short rib, turnip potato mash, sauteed green beans


side salad 5  |  cup of soup 4  |  seasonal vegetables 5  |  french fries 4
cilantro rice 3  |  black beans 3  |  cup of mac & cheese 4  |  homemade potato chips 2.50

Sandwiches and salads are also available during dinner.


All menu items are plant-based unless noted by the * symbol.
We take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination in our kitchen, but due to the shared nature of the space, we cannot guarantee an entirely gluten free or allergen free environment.
Please be sure to make our team aware of any allergies or dietary needs.



locally roasted by Picacho Coffee Roasters
milk options: whole milk*  |  almond milk +.50  |  soy milk +.50

House Coffee  |  Espresso  |  Cappucino  |  Latte  |  Americano  |  Cortado  |  Cold Brew

Other Drinks

Hot Tea  |  Iced Tea  |  Chai Tea Latte  |  Jarritos  |  Milk  |  Orange Juice

Wine & Beer

Stop by the bar to check out our seasonal selection of wine and local(ish) beers!
We also sell wine and beer to go!



Please note: 
This form is for custom baked goods only. If you would like to order cafe food for pick-up, please call 915.383.4765 to place your order.
– We love making your celebrations extra special. If you’re dreaming of something specific that you don’t see on our menu, feel free to email us at hello@savagegoods.com or call 915.383.4765 and we’ll do our best to make it happen! (There may be additional charges for custom decorating.)
48-hour notice is required for all orders. Subject to availability there will be a $10 rush fee for orders placed with less notice.


It’s pretty simple really. We love food and we love this city. Savage Goods is an expression of that love – an invitation to gather around the table with friends and strangers to connect, to celebrate, and to eat some really, really good food.

Since our beginnings at the Farmer’s Market, we have been creating rustic baked goods that everyone can enjoy – omnivore, herbivore, gluten-free, or gluten-full. Now, as a neighborhood cafe, we are giving the people more of what they want – breakfast, lunch, appetizers, beer and wine, the best coffee in town, and, of course, donuts!

Savage Goods is an experience in connection and community, a place to make your own, a place to belong. After all, food, like life, is best when shared.

HOURS  |  7am-10pm every day

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